Netvibes is a great source for widgets.

I tested several of their widgets. And they look really good on the desktop.


It’s a little tricky to run Netvibes widgets. But learn these steps below and you’ll get tons of shiny widgets.

  • Download UWA Widget from
  • Open the UWA Widget or Widget Dashboard Runtime in Kludget Engine.
  • Click the i button.
  • Enter the Widget Url. Read about Widget Url below. This is the only tricky part.
  • Click “Done”. And you’re good to go.

To add another Netvibe widget.

  • Right click on a running netvibe widget on you desktop.
  • Select “Create Instance”.
  • And follow the same steps above.

Widget Url

In their sample RSS widget. They have the following instruction.

Apple Dashboard users: download the UWA widget, install it on your Dashboard, copy/paste the URL of the online UWA widget you want to test (don’t use a local, offline copy), and enjoy.

The URL is actually the link Check the standalone version which points to

To find widgets:

  1. Browse widgets in
  2. Select a widget by clicking it’s link.
  3. Don’t click Add to NetVibes
  4. The Widget URL is the link titled Source
  5. Copy the Link location and paste it in the Widget URL box

Test the Wired Widget now.

Some widgets don’t have the Source link. And I haven’t got them to work yet.

The NetVibe widget framework looks really clean and stable. They have several cool concepts like Universes. I’ll see if these would run on the Kludget Engine.