Kludget Engine version 1.0 has arrived

After a little more than a year of kludging, the engine has reached the stable version release – 1.0.
It is now running on top of Qt 4.7 framework. With several internals of the engine updated, it is a lot more stable now. And the performance has greatly improved.

I’m contemplating of changing the direction of the Kludget Engine to be more of a comprehensive desktop and shell enhancement instead of just a Widget/Gadget engine. Or maybe just fork a new project out of it. But for now, enjoy v1.0.0

Download the MacOSX stock Widgets

A lot of people have emailed me regarding where to find these. I probably couldn’t post these widgets here so I get a notice from Apple, I will take down the page. So download now :)

Ski Report.wdgt.zip
Tile Game.wdgt.zip
World Clock.wdgt.zip

Kludget Engine for Ubuntu

Ubuntu version of Kludget Engine is here. Run those shiny Apple Dashboard Widgets on Linux now.

This is built and tested on Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04).

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Netvibes on the Kludget Engine

Netvibes is a great source for widgets.

I tested several of their widgets. And they look really good on the desktop.


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Beta 0.9.20090518 Released

This release contains the plugin feature. Which would allow widgets using custom plugins to run, provided a Window port of the plugin is available.

This screenshot shows the iStatNano running.


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