Download the MacOSX stock Widgets

A lot of people have emailed me regarding where to find these. I probably couldn’t post these widgets here so I get a notice from Apple, I will take down the page. So download now :)

Ski Report.wdgt.zip
Tile Game.wdgt.zip
World Clock.wdgt.zip

Sports Fan Widget

Keep an eye on your favorite sports teams – all the information you need in one single and small widget. Show the current scoreboard, full results from previous days, the upcoming schedule (game times are displayed in your local time), or current division and standings. The widget supports Baseball (MLB and minor leagues down to Class A), Basketball (NBA, WNBA, and Men’s NCAA College), Football (NFL and NCAA College), and Hockey (NHL). You can open multiple instances of the widget to track different sports or teams – each instance of the widget will remember your selections.

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Solar Viewer

See the latest images of the sun! The Solar Viewer widget allows you to see near-realtime images of the sun on your computer desktop. These amazing images come from NASA/ESA’s SOHO missions, NASA TRACE satellite, and the Big Bear Observatory.

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Oh, My Word! Mini

A cut down version of Mobile Pie’s critically acclaimed brain-box bendingly simple yet highly-addictive word puzzle game. Close in on a hidden five-letter word by finding out if the word you guess is before or after it in the dictionary. It’ll make you scratch your head and whoop with joy as you search and find illusive words and smash top scores.

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Displays the sunrise, sunset and length in spot on the globe. To assign position of spot enter the latitude, the longitude (negative value for West and South) and select time zone.

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Apple Tiles

All you have to do is install it, open it up and click the puzzle for it to shuffle, click again and will stop shuffling, now your mission is to return it back. I hope you enjoy.

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