The Kludget Package

A Kludget or a Widget is just a webpage rendered by the Widget Engine or the Kludget Engine. The rendering or host engine however extends the simple webpage with features not provided by common web browsers.

Kludgets are packaged in a ZIP archives. It basically contains an HTML, and a configuration file. Though as widgets get more complex, the more file it may contain such as CSS, javascript, images, fonts, preference settings, context menu.

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The Widget Object

The widget object is the bridge that allows javascript to control the widget all via scripting. An widget file can control it’s location on the screen, it’s dimension. It can store and retrieve data. It can run system commands, open applications. This is all done through the methods and properties of the Widget Engine exposed through the widget object.

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These documents looks very similar to the Dashboard Reference. That’s because Kludget Engine clones most of its architecture.

Visit the Kludget Engine’s project wiki at for more documentation.