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Features and Wish List

A few days after the first beta release, Kludget Engine has a couple thousand downloads. That’s motivation enough to continue working on the engine.

One feature that’s repeatedly requested through email and comments is the F12 hotkey. It will definitely be included in the feature list.

  • F12 Hotkey – to show and hide the widgets
  • WidgetDock – a widget manager widget
  • Animations and Effects – not a priority for now
  • Plugins – QT-based to make it really easy to create. I’ve sample codes of the dashboard’s plugins, really messy.
  • More widgets – include a larger set of default widgets. dictionary, calendar, maps, system stats.
  • Linux – because it’s QT based, we could easily make a linux version of the engine. Or even a MacOS version. (Thanks QT and Nokia)

What other features do you think should be included?

Kludget Engine first beta Release


The Kludget Engine Beta is finally here. Dashboard compatible,Webkit-based, Nokia QT-based (multi-platform), Yahoo Widget Engine inspired, open sourced.

Kludget Engine – Free :)

The source may be downloaded from, project name is kludgets.