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Countdown Calendar Widget

Countdown Calendar

The perfect Widget to remind you of that upcoming wedding anniversary, birthday, Tax Day, Christmas…anything you want.

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MacOS Widgets Running on Windows 7


Mac OS X widgets can run on Windows 7 with the Kludget Engine. The stock dashboard widgets that come with Mac OS, the ones that do not require plugins, ran smoothly when tested with the Kludget Engine (version 0.9.8)

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Priyanka Chopra Widget

Priyanka Chopra widget

Wowzio widgets work with the Kludget Engine. Download this Priyanka Chopra widget to put her face on your desktop. This widget shows the latest news, gossip, videos, and wallpapers of Priyanka Chopra.

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From: Orange

Your daily horoscope.

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Language Translator

From: Widgetop

Translates any text between different 41 different languages using Googles language translation service. It can even detect the source language.

Kludget Engine has some a minor issue with the background size.

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Kludget Engine is coming to Linux

Running on Ubuntu

Running on Ubuntu 9.04

Kludget Engine will be available on Linux pretty soon. For those who can’t wait, download the source code from the repository. It’s almost always to up to date.

You’ll need qt 4.5, and developer tools.